Three friends and a guest sit down to discuss the finer things in life. Brought to you from Portland, Maine.
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Jul 7, 2017

After a six month pause on the show, we sit down as an OG crew and get back to our roots. We talk about updates, changes and the future of the show. Felt so good to get back on the microphone. Thank you for listening!

Jan 21, 2017

John Ramon is an insurance claims analyst and good friend of the show. He brings us an informative perspective as we continue the dialogue between the corporate and non-corporate worlds. He's a great guy and as always we have lots of laughs. 

Dec 9, 2016

Actor, TV Host, pro photographer, and Beer Industry extraordinaire Matthew Delamater joins us for an enlightening conversation about his journey leaving the corporate world to explore his passions and build the life of his own choosing. A great conversationalist, Matt was a pleasure to talk to and learn from. We hope you enjoy this episode of PLETHORA!

Nov 27, 2016
In this episode of Plethora, we sit down with Jay, Riddler and Jorge of the Great Northeast BJJ Podcast. With six people, the show gets rowdy, and plenty of great conversation and wisdom is shared.
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Nov 17, 2016

Gib is a local artist, gamer, and VR extraordinaire. After using his HTC Vive, we got into detail about what potential impact virtual reality will have on our society. 

Oct 23, 2016

Our buddy Matt Duggan joins us for a chat about life, politics, culture and more. We live up to our name Plethora in this episode! 

Oct 3, 2016

The crew is back to talk about the summer, have some fun, and foreshadow some of the upcoming guests on the show. This one is all fun and games. 


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Aug 30, 2016

Float Harder is a sensory deprivation tank center in Portland, Maine. With two high-end pods and a giant float room, this state of the art facility offers the best experience possible. Thanks to James and Amy for their hospitality, and for being our guides through what is sure to be our first of many experiences down the rabbit hole. 

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Jul 26, 2016

Monday night we headed up to Jarod's academy in Farmingdale, Maine to train a little MMA with his guys. After the session, we sat down on the mats to interview Jarod as he prepares for his upcoming NEF fight on August 5th. With "Dana White's Looking for a Fight" coming to Bangor, BJJ black belt Jarod is in full preparation mode. We discuss his roots, his background, his training regimine and what it takes to run a gym while still fighting. 

Jarod's wife and co owner of the gym Marcela, who is also a black belt in BJJ, joins us for some of the show too. 

Thanks to Team Lawton Martial Arts in Farmingdale Maine for having us.


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Jul 7, 2016

On the rooftop of Mainely SEO, Matt Ginn of EVO in Portland, Maine joined us to talk about the life of a chef in one of the top kitchens in Portland. Excuse the background noise--the rare 80 degree weather called our name. Chef Ginn is the winner of numerous award including the elusive Maine "Chopped Challenge", the Harvest on the Harbour "Maine Lobster Chef of the Year" and leader amongst the PLETHORA of chefs in Portland. Austin finally gets to geek out, and lots is learned along the way. 


If you're interested in the Portland restaurant scene, check out this show. 



Jun 23, 2016

Tuesday night we were graced by the presence of Zach Poole and Don Littlefield of the Maine Brew Bus. One of the only beer tourism companies in Maine, the Brew Bus "Drives You to Drink Local" all around the greater Portland area. The Brew Bus has become an institution in the city and brings fresh faces to Portland's beer scene. 

Don and Zach offer much-needed insight on what it's like to step out of their comfort zone in order to build a brand and a company. They are great examples of the crossroads between a passionate hobby and the reality of paying the bills. With hard work, vision, and dedication, both have been able to lessen the gap between the two while having some fun and learning teachable lessons along the way. 

A few exclusive announcements are made in this episode, and for Plethora listeners ONLY, a special promotion is mentioned during the show. Use it at your own risk!!!

The Maine Brew Bus can be found at

Tours can be booked through their website. 


Jun 7, 2016

We made the quick trek to 920 Main in Westbrook to visit the folks from Mast Landing Brewing. Mast Landing founders Ian Dorsey, and Mike Capen chatted with us alongside former Maine Beer Co brewer-turned Mast Landing guru Dylan Webber. We talked about what it was like to go from a comfortable, secure job, to risking it all and launching a startup business. 

In the second half, we get up to our usual shenanigans as things loosen up. Lots of laughs and new friends made. And of course... Jiu Jitsu. 

Off microphone were head brewer Neil Fredrick and Sarah Capen. 

Jun 3, 2016
Following memorial day weekend, the guys chat about the upcoming summer and what it means for Portland's service industry. Austin gears up for a slammin' food truck season with his truck "Mami". Ben talks his new photography gig and gets giddy for shows all around Maine, and Alex hypes his new position at Bissell Brothers Brewing. As usual, the show ends up with some heavy BJJ talk. Check us out and stay tuned!
May 23, 2016

Young entrepreneurs Tom Madden and John Paul of Lone Pine Brewing Company join Plethora this week. They share with us what it's been like during the initial stages of opening a brewery, and some of the many ups and downs that come with starting a business. In the thriving brewing scene in Portland Maine, Lone Pine has already been able to stand out in the crowd. Their beer is featured all over town on tap and in stores. 

To find out where they're pouring or where to buy some of the beautiful bottles, check out their website




Thanks for tuning in!

Apr 25, 2016

Kyle Poissonnier of and the Katalyst brand is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, role model/mentor and community leader. Founded by Kyle, Katalyst allocates funds from each sale and directs them to local charities in Maine with which Kyle has a personal relationship or has worked. 

On this show, we discuss business development, trial and error, finding passion and sticking to it, and following through. As always we get into beer and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while Austin Street celebrates their two year anniversary and Kyle vows to start down his path on the BJJ mats (at least once!). 

Kyle can be found at

on Instagram at bethekatalyst

and SnapChat as Kyle_Katalyst

Apr 18, 2016

This Sunday we will be joined by Francis Flisiuk of the Portland Phoenix. He recently published an article on the problems with the prison industrial system and the heroin/opiate epidemic in Maine. An outside the box thinker, Francis is helping to reshape the general mindset with his articulate and well-researched articles.



Apr 5, 2016

The three of us sit down and try some Parisian beers shipped all the way from France, and we discuss some of Austin's foray into the restaurant world. Ben talks beer mechanics and Alex talks Paris. We get into life lessons learned thus far, and steps to reach our own personal goals. 

Lots of laughs along the way, this one is definitely worth a listen. 


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Mar 21, 2016

In this special episode of Plethora, several members of our BJJ school sit down to discuss the ins and outs of BJJ. We dig into what Jiu Jitsu is, what it means to us, and how we stay focused on what matters. 


If you've never heard of BJJ, check this out to glean some info! 


Mar 14, 2016

We are joining you today accompanied by the one and only Peter Bissell. An inspirational speaker and engaging conversationalist, Peter sheds light on the ins and outs of running this wildly popular brewery, as well as shares some wisdom he's gathered over the years. We talk books, podcasts, stories and numbers. All while sipping some fabulous Bissell beer.

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Mar 8, 2016

Amanda Doughty, the host of Great Beer Adventure podcast in Portland joins us to discuss beer, breweries, and life lessons while enduring our rambling about UFC 196, BJJ and much more. We guzzle lots of Bissell Bros beer and get down to business. 


Twitter: @greatbeerwomen


Feb 29, 2016

Our friend Keston Geistwalker joins us to discuss urban agriculture, sustainable food systems and his Herb'n Homestead right here in Portland.


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Feb 29, 2016

Ben, Austin and Alex sit down to record the first episode of Plethora. Coming to you from downtown Portland Maine, we discuss beer, food, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and much more.

Grab a brew and join us for the conversation! 


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